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Why questions on social media cannot be missed?

Hot clients

On every sales training they tell that the most hot clients are the one asking questions about the product. And that's true! The person wouldn't comment 'do you have the same in red color?' to your post with product if not interested.


People can comment on their experience with your company. You really need to respond. Thank them for positive feedback or sort out the negative one. If you're ignoring reviews in comments you can easily lose some customers.


You can get spammy comments, especially from bots. Some fight in comments can escalate quickly to profaninties. If you do not remove it promptly, it will create an image of long-forgotten or poorly managed community decreasing trust in you.

Speed of response

People got used to chatting in messengers and expect quick responses. They will not just wait for your reply for two hours and most likely will just order what they want from another business which responds faster.

What our customers say

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How much does it cost?

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Priceplan Uno Duo Trio Quattro Solo Tinto Business
For whom For small businesses,
freelancers, small agencies
For large brands and agencies
Number of sources -
i.e, trackable communities,
messenger bots
or ad accounts
1 2 3 4 5 10      20
custom plans are possible
Inbox limit (amount of incoming comments/messages per month) 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 10 000 Unlimited
Price, per month $7 $12 $16 $19 $29 $55 $99
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Only major parameters of pricing plans are shown here. Please check the full pricing comparison for details on what is available in what social media.

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Collect, notify, react

More than 6 years and thousands of social media communities

We are 99%-made of what our customers tell us. A ton of professional features that are not natively available in social media apps.




sources connected by clients


social media communnities


MILLIONS of alerts sent to clients.

Start working in a couple of minutes!


Sign up

You'll get 7 days of full functionality on any price plan.


Connect a source

A source is a social media community from where to collect comments/messages.


Set up delivery channel

Tell the service where to send - to your email or Telegram



Respond to incoming questions from customers direcly from email or Telegram or from inside of Chotam.



Set up chatbots to auto-reply, provide flows with choices/buttons, or auto-delete unwanted comments.

What Chotam can do

If you still have any questions our support is happy to help in online chat.

We support Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Viber, Google Ads. Generally we support comments, messages and lead forms, but the capabilities differ by social media. Learn more - here.
Yes, absolutely, this is what it was creted for.
Yes, WhatsApp messagging and chatbots are available, please read about them here.