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Get notified when someone comments on your social media

Never miss a potential customer again in your social media.

Supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.
Sends alerts to email or Telegram for you to respond.

No credit card required for a free trial.

Free 7 days trial

What Chotam can do for you

Learn when the customers speak

We alert on comments in your communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. And (if you use) VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

Social mentions

Learn when someone mentions on Twitter or VK your brand or posts a key phrase about your business, so you can follow up with a potential new customer.

Email or Telegram notifications

Receive social comment alerts to email or Telegram on your desktop computer without constantly checking your smartphone.

And your advertising posts too

Receive alerts for comments made in your advertising posts or in posts about your product published by influencers.

Watch over your competition

Learn when potential customers comment in your competitor’s communities on Twitter or YouTube, and find even more customers

Teamwork is the key

You can set up alerts to multiple emails or Telegrams, so that your team will respond when you're busy.


What our customers say?

Nina Alekseeva

Link to testimonial

A big thanks to the developers! This seemingly magical assistant instantly signals us about posts and comments in our social communities. Our clients are happy that we can quickly filter on and remove all of the spammy comments. Everyone who we’ve recommended this service to has also loved it!

Irina Gubina

Link to testimonial

Thanks for creating such a great service!
It has been indispensable to us for tracking our communities as well as acting as the source for extra leads. And when we’ve had support questions, Chotam has always been quick to help!

Even though we only manage one company on social networks, this service has proven to be very useful for us.
We can now answer all of the user’s comments instantly, not a week or a month later! It has been a godsend for us.

How much?

Chotam is inexpensive, starting at the price of a couple cups of coffee a month.
Large pricing plans push the price per community even lower, to a mere $1.50 per community, per month

There is a specific term used below in price plans description called top posts: these are the posts which are on top of the feed, the latest posts in tracked social community. Because in some cases we cannot track ALL posts of the community, we have to limit the tracking by some depth - the amount of top posts.