Privacy Policy

We greatly appreciate that you decided to use our service. We WILL NOT transfer or sell your personal data to some evil spammers.

We will not make your personal data public. We may collect data on how you use our site or service, using cookies and so-called 'pixels' which are used by services collecting statistics on how you use the site.

We may use your personal data to communicate with you in our support chat, to analyse how you use our site, to show you advertising of our services or informing you of some important functions which you may like or notifications of different sorts.

We store your passwords to our service in encrypted way. They're NOT AVAILABLE to anyone, EVEN TO OUR SUPPORT OR DEVELOPMENT TEAMS.

We NEVER AND IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVER have access to your payment data - such as your card number etc. All such data is EXCLUSIVELY MANAGED BY THE PAYMENT SYSTEMS AND NEVER AVAILABLE TO US and we're physically unable to process them. We as the service only receive confirmation from payment systems that the payment has been made, but not your payment data. This serves as a way to protect your financial information. Even if we imagine our site being hacked, the evildoers will have no access to your payment data as it is not stored here and we never had access to it due to the way payment systems work.

When you set up alerts on comments on your social media - our service uses corresponding social media API service, and in case of YouTube alerts - it uses YouTube API Services, and in such case, our service and you both are obliged to follow Google Privacy Policy.

When you set up alert on comments on certain social media, we may receive, notify you through your chosen way of notification and store in our system for no more than 70 days the content of such comment and URL link to it (where available - some social media API limitation may prevent in some cases).

You may easily remove your alerts from our service, or delete your user - and we will immediately delete all data associated with those, including the comments received through such alert, but remember - deleting will prevent us from providing you with support and troubleshooting on such alerts or user as all the data we have on this will be totally deleted without any chance of restoring/retrieval.

Personal data processing agreement

By using this site, this service, by completing the contact form or registration form on this site you provide ООО Star Consulting, INN 5405432047, OGRN 1115476035311, legal address: 630112, Russia, Novosibirsk, Guryevskaya street, 37а, office 20 your permission to process your personal data for the sake of fulfilling obligations resulting from the terms of use which you accept when using the site. You confirm that by giving such permission, you act freely, on your own will and in your interest.

You agree that OOO Star Consulting may process (where applicable, provided or available): your name, email addresses, telephone numbers, links (URLs) or other identificatoins of your social network profiles, links (URLs) or other identifications of social network communities or profiles or posts or other objects you're interested in tracking comments in, comments that being posted to such communities, Telegram (or other messenger's) profiles and channels that you use in relation to the service, and data on your visits of this site - pages that you visited, duration of visits, types of devices, OS and browsers that you used to visit the site.

You agree that OOO Star Consulting may perform the following actions with your personal data: gatheting, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update or renewing), usage, distribution (including transfer and cross-border transfer), anonymization, blocking, deleting and any other actions with personal data in accordance with the laws. Personal data processing can be carried out both automatically and manually.

You agree that OOO Star Consulting may store the abovementioned users data for 70 days EXCEPT - data related to YouTube - for 30 days, and data related to VKontakte keyword mention - for 3 days.

Requesting to delete your data: at any given time you can request all your data to be deleted.
To do this - go to the Profile - Settings - - and click the red 'Delete Account' button.

If you in any case use personal data of third parties, you confirm, that you have those third parties' agreement to provide OOO Star Consulting with permission to process their personal data: gatheting, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarificatino (update or renewing), usage, distribution (including transfer and cross-border transfer), anonymization, blocking, deleting and any other actions with personal data in accordance with the laws. When processing your personal data OOO Star Consulting is not limited to the methods of it. Your personal data storage period is unlimited. You agree and confirm that OOO Star Consulting may transfer your personal data to thrid parties when required to provide its service. Such third parties will have your permission to process your data and to inform you of price plans, services, special offers and such. Such informing may be carried out by the means of telephone calls, emails, messaging, advertising.

You understand that when you click buttons such as 'Register', 'Sign Up', 'Send', 'Save', 'Create', 'Start' or other buttons which have the similar function of sending some personal data to the service, you agree to the terms specified above.

Cookie Policy

'Cookies' are the small pieces of text, saved on your computer by browser means. You normally don't notice there use as all this happens in background.

We use cookies to keep you logged to the site when you use it and when you come back and to prevent abusive registrations of same person many times for our Trial period.

If you want to switch off cookies, you can do so in your browser settings, please refer to manual for your browser. Please note that switching off cookie may worsen your experience with our service.

Official text of Privacy policy in Russian as demanded by Russian law is located here and it is required by our laws to be in Russian and it contains heavy legal text. We provide here the main excerpts of it with some explanations.

We use your personal data only in regards to providing you with the service as described in Terms of Use.