whatsapp chatbot and messaging via Whatsapp Business API

How to use WhatsApp messaging

Warm-up customers

Webinar invitations, sending useful guides, announcements

Collecting feedback

Works fantastic when you know customer's phone number. With Excel export for any possible analytics.


New product launches, sales, discounts, giveaways, coupons, personalized offers.


Automated replies to most commonly asked questions, offering menu of choices via buttons, tagging customers as interested in for future messaging.

WhatsApp Business API

Connect to WhatsApp messaging in minutes!


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Connect WhatsApp phone number

Via our partner


Create messaging template and chatbot

via intuitive editor and visual flow builder. No need for programming knowledge. If you can drag boxes and arrows on screen - you'll manage)


Send messages

With customer names for each message and other variables, for example, the service received.