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Terms of use

Not for cizitens of Russia or EU

This website ( is intended to serve customers outside of Russia and EU. Due to certain legal complications implied by Russian and EU laws we cannot serve Russian or EU citizens. BY USING THIS SITE YOU CONFIRM YOU'RE NOT RUSSIAN CITIZEN AND NOT EU CITIZEN.


The service provided is the subscription-based access to the automatic alerts on new comments on social media, which is available in the form of SaaS (software-as-a-service) on the site The exact listing of supported social media and other functionalities and limitations is shown on the main page of the site in 'Pricing' section and may change as the service develops.

When registering at the site you agree to provide your real, acting, working email address by which we can reach you and also you and you agree to receive emails from us. You also understand that depending on the activity in your social communities you may receive large number of notifications. You agree not to press 'this is spam' buttons on your email software and to setup your possible automatic spam-filters not to do so as such notifications and emails from us are not spam - you agree to receive them, and marking them as spam severely damages the deliverability of such emails to other clients. You also agree to the terms as described here and below and you also agree that we will process your personal data. By registering with us you accept these terms. If you do not agree with the terms, do not register with us and do not buy subscription.

When using the service, you will receive notifications on comments made on social communities you indicated. Notifications will be delivered to your email or other supported delivery mechanisms as chosen by you in your account or project settings.

If you setup alerts on comments in your YouTube media - you are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service.

The service is provided on the 'as is' basis and when technically possible. You understand that this service is a complex electronic service which connects with other electronic services and depends on them being working. Our service functionality depends on number of factors outside of our control: social networks rules, policies and changes in them, their API rules, policies and changes in them, availability of social networks servers, availability and internal settings within your delivery channels such as email or others, availability of network communications. Service availability at 100% of time IS NOT GUARANTEED, periods of unavailability may occur.

In technical sense - many things can go wrong from time to time. While we do our best to maintain our service's availability, just too many things can happen. Just to name a few - there might be some sudden change in how certain method of accessing social media responds to our quieries, there can be bugs there might be some service time at social media servers when external quieries from service like ours are not accepted, your desktop or smartphone may lose connection to the internet and stop receiving alerts, etc, etc.

The service you receive will be provided in accordance to the price plan you choose, which is a group of parameters such as number of trackable communities or alerts you can create, number of top posts tracked, price, etc. The price plans are published on the main page in Pricing section.

Price plans, content of service, these terms and conditions may be changed by us solely at our discretion at any time, including - for existing customers. The actual terms and price plans are always published on the site.

You may change your price plan at any time, using our site's interface. You may also ask us (and probably receive) individual price plans for your specific situation, if you don't see our price plans fit your needs. In case of the individual price plans, this is done via online chat on our site with support team

We have right to disable your access to the service at our own discretion, without explanations and necessity to prove anything. Please understand correctly - we're not going to block you for no reason. This right is reserved by us for 'special' cases like unethical behavior, unacceptable conversations or insults directed toward our employees and other such cases.

Trial period

If it is indicated on our site and/or our active promotion, there might be (and tpyically is) a trial period for our service. This means you can register with us and try our service totally for free. Trial period is fully functional, but may be limited at our discretion.

We totally encourage you to use trial period before deciding should you buy a subscription to our service. Please test it, try it! See if fits your purpose, if it fits your understanding of what is should do.

If you buy a subscription plan after registering for trial period, you confirm by that you used the service during trial period, tested it and you're happy with how it works.

We do not like when people register many times with different emails to use our free trials several times in a row. We treat this as abuse of our free trial. If there is something you're not sure about or you missed the trial days for some reason without giving a good try, please ask our support to extend your trial period and explain your situation. In many cases we will extend it. But please do not register every week in a row just to hold that free trial forever, we will disable your account if you do.

Refunds and returns policy

Refunds are solved on case by case basis. When applying for a refund you're asked to explain your situation. We normally understand that before buying you used the trial period and made sure the service is useful to you and you're willing to pay for it. If our service is working as it should, you may be declined a refund.

No, we're not that greedy to hold your money if you made wrong payment, normally we're ok to refund if something was broken for you, didn't work etc. However, we

a) want to know what exactly is broken, as it may be not, and we might be able to help you get it working

b) we might not refund in cases of so-called 'unfair requests' like someone paying for our service for a month, using it without any complaint for 29 days and then ask for refund for unknown reason.

We absolutely encourage you first to try our service via free trial period before buying. Do not hurry up to pay before you tried the service for free. Make sure it does what you want it to do. Do not buy subscription if you're unhappy or hesitating. If you don't see value in it, it doesn't fit your purpose, please don't buy subscription.

If we issue a refund to you, it will be managed through and according to rules of payment system - such as PayPal and other we may be using. You have to understand it may take long time, up to a month, to receive such refund as it is not direct payment from us to you, but special refund operation which has to be carried out through complexities of payment systems, banks, card issuers etc.

Legal details

This service is provided by ООО Star Consulting (OOO is Russian equivalent of Ltd or LLC), INN 5405432047, OGRN 1115476035311, legal address: 630112, Russia, Novosibirsk, Guryevskaya street, 37а, office 20. Yes, we're Russian business and legal entity.