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What chatbots can do?

Automated replies

On every service training they will tell that the speed of reply to customer's question is one of the important features of great customer service.

Your bot can reply for most commonly asked questions instantly, or it can tell that the team is offline now and will respond in the morning.

Menu of buttons

People like it more to click buttons of choices that to input some texts. Offer them buttons with choices, design them with some fun like emoji, and get more engaged users.

A chatbot can show menu of buttons and drive users to specific flows depending on their choices.

Removing unwanted

Say, you can't speak Volan de Mort name in your communities. Or you don't allow links to the competitors. Bot can remove it.

There can be comments with spam, profanities or something else unwanted. You can set it up to be removed.

Dispatching to proper people

If a bot doesn't 'know' how to respond, or if it sees word like 'operator', 'human', 'manager' - it can send it to yours or some person's email or Telegram to pick up.

A bot can also send lead forms to a sales people and comments to social media manager person.

What our customers say

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Collect, notify, react

More than 6 years and thousands of social media communities

We are 99%-made of what our customers tell us. A ton of professional features that are not natively available in social media apps.




sources connected by clients


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MILLIONS of alerts sent to clients.

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Connect sources

They can be an Instagram account, Facebook page, WhatsApp number, Telegram or Viber bot, VKontakte or Odnoklassniki group.


Create flows

Tell the chatbot how to respond to certain actions by users - what to respond when they type in certain keywords, click buttons.


No coding required

You don't need a programming knowledger. It is all done in a way of acton blocks and arrows between them.


Message your subscibers

Send messages to subscribers of your bots to let them know your new offering or collect feedback.

What Chotam chatbots can do

If you will have any more questions, we're happy to respond in our online chat.

We support WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Telegram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. When you create chatbot flows they can work the same way in all messengers once you have created them. Or you can intentionally make them different for different messengers.
They can reply to messages and comments and to delete unwanted comments based on keywords in them. Chatbot can also show users the message with buttons and continue the flow depending on what button the user clicked. Messages can vary by time (e.g. - 'we're offline now, will respond next morning') or they can have similar versions of the same responses so it looks a bit more human-like.
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